Gazprom is a global energy company. Its major business lines are geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, sales of gas as a vehicle fuel as well as generation and marketing of heat and electric power.

Gazprom holds the world’s largest natural gas reserves. The Company’s share in the global and Russian gas reserves makes up 17 and 72 per cent respectively. Gazprom accounts for 13 and 73 per cent of the global and Russian gas output accordingly. At present, the Company actively implements large-scale projects aimed at exploiting gas resources of the Yamal Peninsula, Arctic Shelf, Eastern Siberia and the Far East, as well as hydrocarbons exploration and production projects abroad.

Gazprom is a reliable supplier of gas to Russian and foreign consumers. The Company owns the world’s largest gas transmission network – the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia with the total length of over 170 thousand kilometers.

Gazprom sells more than half of overall produced gas to Russian consumers and exports gas to more than 30 countries. Gazprom signed the first contract for pipeline gas supply to China in 2014. It is the biggest deal in the history of the Russian gas industry, which opens up a whole new market with a huge potential for Russian natural gas.

Gazprom is the only producer and exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Russia. The Company successfully develops LNG trade within the existing Sakhalin II project as well as implements the new ones – Baltic LNG and Vladivostok-LNG. They will allow Gazprom to considerably strengthen its positions in the fast growing global LNG market.

The Company is among Russia’s four largest oil producers and it is the largest owner of power generating assets in the country. These assets account for 15 per cent of the total installed capacity of the national energy system.

Together with the active business development, Gazprom pays much attention to social projects. Gazprom is the official partner of FIFA, UEFA Champions League, as well as a whole range of world’s famous football clubs – German Schalke 04, British Chelsea, Serbian Crvena Zvezda and the Russian Zenit FC.

The Gazprom for Children program is the Company’s largest social project. The program is primarily targeted at creating the environment for harmonious spiritual and physical development of children and teenagers, and helping them to discover and implement their potential. Within this social program Gazprom implements the Football for Friendship international children’s social project. The annual Football for Friendship international children’s forum is the major event of the project. The first forum was held on May 25, 2013 in London, during which its delegates prepared an Open Letter outlining the key principles of the project: traditions, peace, friendship, victory, health, equality, fair play and commitment. The letter was signed by the representative of each country, and the project’s Ambassador Franz Beckenbauer. The document was sent to the FIFA President, the UEFA President and the President of the International Olympic Committee.